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Dr. Jessica offers the following services for writers:


Story Development. This service is offered to writers who have great ideas but are unsure of how to begin, or writers who started drafting a manuscript and need help developing the content. Click here to sample this service


Manuscript Critique. This service is for writers with a complete manuscript who want professional feedback before they self-publish or submit their work to publishers. The critique will tell you exactly what needs to be done so that you can present your best work for publication. 

Writing Workshop

Get it? Write! A 60- to 90-minute writing workshop that helps students understand the writing process and improve the quality of their short and long responses, and essays. Dr. Jessica engages students in writing activities that remove fear, doubt, and confusion about prewriting, drafting, and revising, and that allow them to do their best work. This workshop is appropriate for struggling writers from elementary through high school.



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